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Erindale Tale #1

(1st and/or 2nd edition)
by Courtney Seligman

 A farmer barters two pigs and a chicken for a girl, and gets more than he bargained for. A heartwarming historical romance.

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Trade Paperback, 5 1/4 by 8 inches, 336 pages (Out of Print)
Published April, 2004, reprinted July, 2004
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Published March, 2018, reprinted 6 by 9 size February, 2020
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Back-cover text:
The farmer takes a waif...
 When Gael bought Aramie, he presumed they would share his home as friends, and that would be that. But he soon discovered that the dispirited girl who plodded behind her uncle's wagon was actually a captivating young woman, and as she almost literally blossomed before his eyes, he found it more and more difficult to think of her as someone he couldn't be interested in. And he couldn't be interested in her. He hadn't rescued her from her uncle, only to ruin her life, himself. He'd bought her to save her, and save her he would no matter what it entailed.

Reader Comments
 "I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading "Two Pigs and a Chicken" a remarkable story, endearing characters, and the last line was a wonderful ending. CONGRATULATIONS! It will serve as an enduring legacy."
James Ostach, Long Beach City College

 "You can't help falling in love with the characters."
William Sloan

 "What a love story! (The) inner emotions are just wonderful..."
Sadie Galer

 "Gael and Mia are delightful shades of honesty, pride, trust, love, devotion and desire the gamut of good emotions of which real people are capable. And with (none of the) ugliness, deceit, rancor, offensiveness or selfishness of which real people are capable..."
Flip and Lou Amick

 "A wonderful story, beautifully told."
Corian Valsentres

 "The endearing story of an oddly paired couple."
Tina Vasquez, Long Beach City College Viking

Cover design for first edition of Two Pigs and a Chicken
Above: Cover design for first edition of Two Pigs and a Chicken: The oak on the hill
Below: Cover design for second edition of Two Pigs and a Chicken
Cover design for second edition of Two Pigs and a Chicken

How Do The Two Editions Differ?
 The first edition of Two Pigs and a Chicken was intended to be a stand-alone story, and as a result has an Epilogue that became redundant when I was asked to write a (series of) sequel(s), which became the Erindale Tales. But by 2017 I had received numerous requests for a version of the story that had a larger typeface, so in early 2018 I published a second edition in a larger size, to accomodate a much larger typeface. Along the way I corrected some typographical and grammatical errors and made a number of minor alterations to the exposition (that is, the material between conversations and important actions), none of which affected the story at all, but the result was that (particularly when read aloud) the sentences flowed more smoothly (very few changes were made to conversations, as they were meant to reflect what the characters said, and the pauses and inflection involved in how they said it, so exept where there was a glaring error, I didn't change them at all). I also deleted the original Chapter 23, a 4-page chapter which did not involve the protagonists or advance the story at all. Even without these changes, altering the size of the book would have required calling it a second edition, but despite them, for all practical purposes the stories are absolutely identical, and most people wouldn't notice any difference between the two editions without a word by word comparison. So either version of the book represents exactly the story I wanted to tell, and the only thing a buyer should ask themselves is, do you want an autographed first edition at a price that reflects the fact that no additional copies will ever be printed (in which case you should use the PayPal button), or would you prefer a less expensive (not autographed) second edition, with a considerably larger typeface (in which case you should use one of the Amazon links).