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Erindale Tale #2

by Courtney Seligman

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Trade paperback, 5 1/4 by 8 inches, 416 pages
Published July, 2010
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Wanted: A Maiden All Forlorn
 As Mia's fifth delivery drew near, Gael felt she needed a helper; but to his consternation, she refused to let him hire anyone. So he devised a plan to find 'a maiden all forlorn' a girl in such desperate straits that Mia would feel compelled to hire her, if only to save her from her sad situation.
 Moira was the unlikely candidate Gael's lawyer found; unlikely, because she was one of the most accomplished and attractive young women he had ever met. But for a foundling, exceptional beauty was more a curse than a blessing; and the viper who meant to possess her had no intention of letting her escape, no matter where she sought refuge.

© (2010) Courtney Seligman
Cover for The Maiden All Forlorn: Willows by the Erindale
Cover for The Maiden All Forlorn: Willows by the Erindale