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Erindale Tale #5
by Courtney Seligman
(A sequel to A Year To Remember)

 The fifth Erindale Tale continues the story in A Year To Remember by describing how Jamie and Annie's trip to Donton changed their lives and those of many of their friends.

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Trade paperback, 6 by 9 inches, 274 pages
Nov 29, 2020
List Price $12.99
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Back Cover Text

With Annie, expect the unexpected!

 Anyone who knows Annie knows they should expect the unexpected; so when she talks her father and Jamie into letting her go to Donton with him to help him with his secret mission, Jamie is a bit nervous about his role as her caretaker. But he soon finds out that she makes a big difference in his efforts, and is a lot of fun to be with; in fact too much fun for the role he's trying to maintain. But when disaster strikes Annie makes a sacrifice that changes their and others' lives in a way no one could have expected.

 The fifth Erindale Tale continues the story started in the first four (hence the front cover showing the artwork for those).

© 2020 Courtney Seligman
Cover for Just Jamie, Erindale Tale #5
Front Cover for Just Jamie, Erindale Tale #5

Limited Edition Copies
 Eight copies of "Just Jamie" were printed prior to general release. They are identical to the copies described above, but had a different cover, as shown below. Though admired, the design led some people shown the author's copy to think that the novel was a children's story, which it most certainly is NOT. For that reason the cover image (and back cover text) were slightly revised.
 A few (as of this date six) of the original copies are available for purchase by those interested in having a nearly unique item. More details will be posted here soon; in the meantime, contact for said details.

Cover for limited edition of Just Jamie, Erindale Tale #5
Limited Edition Front Cover for Just Jamie