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A stream near the Iqataria
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A Kingdom of the Sun Story

by C. E. Seligman

(Pronunciation Note: Ialia = EE-ah-LEE-ah)

In the forty-second year of the reign of Itua’ara the Third, by the grace of Itua King of Itualwana, war broke out between Itualwana and Q’tapapa. In one of the initial skirmishes of that war Q’tapapan forces routed Itualwani troops guarding the approach to the Iqataria. As the invaders swept westward along the north side of the river, residents of the district were forced to flee for their lives.
 This is the story of one of those refugees, and of the remarkable man who rescued her and captured her heart.

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Chapter 1
Selections from An Itualwandi Glossary

Trade paperback, 6 by 9 inches, 250 to 300 pages
Print Publication: late 2021? / List Price about $14.95
Kindle Publication: 2022? / List Price $2.99
————— Tentative fore-title text —————

A damsel in distress...
 “Fool! Idiot! Does this look like an iki-iki egg?”
 Torrok quailed at the Councilor’s tirade, and made a desperate effort to explain.
 “She is a redhead, and the right height; and I was only told ‘a star-stone the size of an egg’. No one said anything about an iki-iki egg...”
 Issandari released the pendant, and scowled at the unconscious figure in Torrok’s arms.
 “Get rid of her.”
 “Get rid of her? Wouldn’t you at least like to add her to your harem?”
 Issandari hesitated. The girl was very attractive, and could be an interesting plaything. But her golden star-stone meant she must be an Ituani, and in the present situation, he couldn’t afford to take any chances.
 “No. Take her to the hill, and dispose of her.”
 “As you wish, master.” Torrok bowed as deeply as he could, given his burden, and backed out of the room.

...needs a hero worthy of the name
 Ik’kori reached the road just in time to see Ialia’s captors disappearing in a cloud of dust.
 For a long moment he stood there, staring into the distance, while anger, frustration and dismay roiled his breast. Well, at least she was wearing his bond-stone, so as long as she lived...
 He pushed away the terrible possibilities that sprang to mind, and settled into a steady trot. He would find her, rescue her... and utterly destroy those who had taken her from him.