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by C. E. Seligman
A short collection of short stories
(Currently available only as an ebook)

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 "Short Shorts" is a collection of five short stories, currently published only as an ebook. However, since the stories are in completely different genres, each story has been also been published as an ebook "single" at the minimum ebook price of 99 cents, or a total of $4.95 for the five stories. The collection is sold as a "box set" for those who wish to read all the stories at the discounted price of $1.49.

 "Short Shorts" consists of five short stories in various genres and tones, ranging from science fiction and fantasy to contemporary and nostalgic fiction, and from sentimental to macabre. The titles included are "Well Met", "The Last Time I Saw Paris", "The Fools' Tale", "The Last Dance" and "Wish Upon A Star. Click on the image below to read about or purchase this ebook, or click on the links in this paragraph to read excerpts from each title, and access links to the individual ebooks.
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