Pictures of Ligers: Lion-like and Tiger-like Ligers Link for sharing this page on Facebook
See Ligers for a discussion of what ligers are like, what they eat, and how they behave

Bookmark showing Kat's Bane, the Erindale Liger logo
(Image above is of a 2x6 inch bookmark offered free with any purchase)

Male liger Sudan, seen at Barefoot Landing, has no mane
 Sudan, a tiger-like male liger, at Barefoot Landing in South Carolina. Ligers are no longer displayed at that location, but may be seen at T.I.G.E.R.s Preservation Station (which still uses Barefoot Landing for fund-raising efforts). (Image © Sheri Seligman)

Male liger Hobbs had a mane
Hobbs, a lion-like male liger (formerly at Sierra Safari Zoo, now deceased). (© Sierra Safari Zoo)

Other Images of Ligers
 Most images of ligers posted on the Web were illegally taken from copyrighted sites. For instance, the picture of "Bertram" on Wikimedia Commons is actually a doctored image of the first thumbnail of Sudan, below. The large image of Sudan shown above was taken by one of our contributors, and is posted with her permission. The above image of Hobbs is posted here because though scattered all over the Web, it is no longer available on the Sierra Safari Zoo site, and we hope that you will use the link provided to visit their site and make a contribution, so they can continue their work.
 The thumbnails posted below have a similar purpose. Some are still posted at the sites which legally own them and some have been removed for one reason or another, but in either case we have reduced them in size to encourage you to visit the original site, read about their work, and give credit or contributions where they are due, instead of visiting or contributing to sites that have illegally used the images.

male liger Sudan at 2 years of age male liger Sudan in the pool male liger Sudan standing male liger Sudan and friends
Images of Sudan (click on any image to visit the T.I.G.E.R.S. site)

head of male liger Hobbs male liger Hobbs
Images of Hobbs (click on any image to visit the Sierra Safari Zoo site)

male liger Patrick male liger Patrick male liger Patrick
Images of Patrick (click on any image to visit the Shambala Preserve site)