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 The Kingdom of the Sun Stories are a series of fantasy adventures set in Itualwana, one of three major civilizations of a bronze-age world teetering on the brink of destruction from forces within and without. The series is complemented by the BridgeWorlds Books, set thousands of years in the future.

Summary of the Series
Kingdom of the Sun is the story of Shiala, a slave girl of Ishiara, Tmani, a priestess of Itara, and Ik'kiali, a princess of Itualwana. Because of its length, the story may be published as three volumes, but if so they would all be published at nearly the same time. In the first volume, Kingdom of the Sun, Shiala and Ik'kiali become pawns in a game of politics and war. If Night Should Fall follows the travels and travails of the protagonists in a world at war, and in The Fires of Ikaza a battle in the bowels of an ancient volcano decides the fate of the world. Four or five sequels will be published at a later date, including (the tentatively named) A Princess of Itualwana, Kingdom of the Moon, The Fire Birds, and Red Planet.
 Overlapping the second and third novels is the romantic adventure, Ialia and the Flyer. It will be the first Kingdom of the Sun Story to be published (most likely in late 2018, but possibly a little later).