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Erindale Tale #5
by Courtney Seligman
(A sequel to A Year To Remember)

 The fifth Erindale Tale continues the story in A Year To Remember by describing how Jamie and Annie's trip to Donton changed their lives and those of many of their friends.

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Trade paperback, 6 by 9 inches, 274 pages
Nov/Dec, 2020
List Price $14.95
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With Annie, expect the unexpected!

 Anyone who knows Annie knows they should expect the unexpected; so when she talks her father and Jamie into letting her go to Donton with him to help him with his secret mission, Jamie is a bit nervous about his role as her caretaker. But he soon finds out that she makes a big difference in his efforts, and is a lot of fun to be with; in fact too much fun for the role he's trying to maintain. But Jamie is always at his best in a crisis, and when disaster strikes Annie makes a sacrifice that changes their and others' lives in a way no one could have expected.

 The fifth Erindale Tale continues the story in the first four (hence the front cover showing the artwork for those and the reason for Jamie's trip), and tells how a natural disaster led to a very happy ending and the revelation of two lifelong secrets that 'turned the world upside down' for those involved.

© 2020 Courtney Seligman
Cover for Just Jamie, Erindale Tale #5
Front Cover for Just Jamie, Erindale Tale #5