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Bookmark showing Kat's Bane, the Erindale Liger logo
(Image above is of a 2x6 inch bookmark offered free with any paperback purchase)

 Erindale Publishing is the fictitious business name for the "publishing" company established to market novels and short stories by Courtney Seligman, and erindalepublishing.com is the website created to serve that purpose. In other words, it is similar to an author website, save for not saying that. It exists for two main reasons:

(1) My astronomy site, cseligman.com, uses tens of thousands of astronomical images, many of which are copyrighted and can only be legally used without paying royalties if it is a completely non-profit, educational site. I can use it to note the existence of my novels and short stories, and provide links to places where interested readers can 'borrow' or purchase them, but I cannot do a single thing to earn any money to defray the cost of either that site or this one, or to earn anything from the sale of my fiction. ErindalePublishing.com contains only my own work and is therefore not subject to those restrictions.

(2) All the legitimate agents I contacted about marketing my work made it clear that since they only take a percentage of their clients' royalties for their work, they need those clients to sell tens of thousands of copies of their works each year, which means those authors have to spend hundreds of hours per year pushing their work in the public's face, and if possible, also publish new novels or non-fiction books on a regular basis; and at the time I had neither the time nor the energy to do that. That meant I had to self-publish, using a company that had a working relationship with various online marketers, such as Amazon.com. But though I chose to use a company with an extremely good reputation, and as it turned out one that is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Amazon, I feared that my novels might be published under several different imprints over the years; so I created Erindale Publishing to ensure that no matter who actually printed and marketed my work, it would always say that it was published by the same company: Erindale Publishing.

Despite the above, there will be times when the site will also serve to market other things, as indicated by banner links that are currently crossed out, and links that may be established in the future; but until such time, the site's only purpose is to let people know what is or will soon be in print, and how to purchase my work or recommend it to friends and relatives.