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Kat's Bane, the Erindale Liger logo
Welcome to our worlds...

 There is a land which exists not in ordinary space and time, but only in our collective imaginations. A land where, far removed from the turmoil and strife of great cities and kingdoms, good men can live simple, honest lives, and pass on their values, little changed by the passage of time, to their sons and grandsons, and from them to their sons and grandsons.
 A river passes through this land, dropping swiftly from its source 'neath snow-capped peaks, then peacefully winding through a gently rolling valley, ever westward, to the sea. The vale and its river share their name, and from them and the novels set in this land, we take the name of our company ó Erindale Publishing.

The Erindale Liger: Kat's Bane
Bookmark showing Kat's Bane, the Erindale Liger logo

(Image above is of a 2x6 inch bookmark offered free with any purchase)

 The Erindale liger is the intersection of imagination and improbable reality. In The New World, the second BridgeWorlds Book, Katarina, one of the heroines of the novel, is mauled and nearly killed by a huge tigerlike creature. The only Earth creature approaching Katís Bane in size and appearance is the liger. It is for this reason that the Erindale liger was created. The broad nose and baleful gaze of a lion, combined with the dramatic coloring of a tiger, provides a striking representation of the menace, majesty and power of the creatures that roam The New World.